Joe Manning’s heritage has been a part of Cushing Regional Hospital – even prior to his birth.  His grandfather, Dr. H.C. Manning, leased the hospital from the City of Cushing in 1924 to 1929 for $25 per month.  Due to the increased cost of operations, he felt that it was unfeasible to carry the financial burden and gave up his lease and the City of Cushing began managing it. 

In 1929, a group of men from the Masonic Lodges throughout the county offered their services to the Cushing City Council.  This organization was to be known as the Payne County Masonic Hospital Association.  There were 122 Masons who signed to become members and the Masons assumed operation on July 1, 1929 with a 99 year lease.  The Masonic Hospital Association successfully ran the Hospital from 1929 to 1987.    

With the Manning history, it was only appropriate for Joe and Cindy Manning to present their $10,000 to the Cushing Regional Hospital Foundation in front of their home and the home of the late Dr. H.C., Dora,  and Majel Manning.    They gave their gift in memory of Dr. H.C., Dora, and Majel Manning for the many years that they contributed to Cushing Hospital.  Another remembrance that is located at the Manning’s is one of the two “caduceus” that was at the top of the pillars located on the front of the original hospital. 

In addition to their monetary gift, an historical picture illustrating the Hospital and its services that was taken around the 1920’s and a framed document giving a brief historical account of the Hospital since 1920 was also donated to the Cushing Regional Hospital Foundation to be hung in the Cushing Regional Hospital. 

Joe and Cindy still maintain strong ties with the City of Cushing, the Cushing Regional Hospital, and the Cushing Masonic Lodge.  Joe currently serves on the Board of Directors to the Cushing Regional Hospital, is a member of the City of Cushing City Commission, and a member of the City of Cushing’s Hospital Authority.  Cindy, also born in Cushing, has worked for 16 years for the City of Cushing and is currently the City Clerk.