Bobby Welcomes Mr. Justin Alberty, Corporate Communications Director, Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) to the KUSH Spotlight Business Hour!

It was certainly my pleasure to visit with Justin on the KUSH Business Spotlight.  GRDA plays a very crucial role in many of the cities and towns in Oklahoma and they take their responsibilities very seriously.  GRDA has contractual electrical power arrangements with Cushing, Pawnee, Stillwater, and Stroud, all of which are in the airwaves of KUSH Radio.  Justin is very well informed on all business levels of GRDA and demonstrates the qualities that make a business successful, not only with regard to their fiscal responsibilities, but also in areas of customer service and public relations.   His knowledge of GRDA’s programs and customer focus is very evident.  GRDA is governed by a seven member board appointed to represent the different customer classes as well as the lakes areas.  Mr. Steve Spears, Cushing City Manager, is an Ex-officio director on that board.

The first thing that comes to my mind when someone mentions GRDA is Grand Lake.  The lake and shoreline is monitored and maintained by GRDA and provides many opportunities for all of our recreation and pleasure boating needs.  GRDA has the responsibility for several lakes in Oklahoma.  With water safety in mind, GRDA provides safe boating courses for all ages and many other areas such as boat inspections before you go on the water and they also have programs that reward you for doing the right things when you are on the water.  They also provide training and education on ecosystems and even have times when you can help build an ecosystem yourself (attention fisherman) and place it in the lake so you will be the only one that knows its location, this program provides great fish and marine habitat while ensuring the future of the lake.

GRDA obtains its electrical power from diverse methods.  Of course the most familiar to us all is the hydro production from these lakes.  But they also provide electrical power from both coal fired and natural gas generating plants in Oklahoma.  Having these diverse methods allows them to keep electricity costs to all of us as low as possible.  Their partnerships with Oklahoma communities sometimes may go unnoticed, but believe me; GRDA is always there, behind the scenes, assisting our communities and our projects in very positive ways.

If you should have any questions or would like to participate in any of the above mentioned programs, just give them a call or better yet, go to their web site and check it out, all contact information is listed below.   

Justin Alberty, Director – Corporate Communications,

Grand River Dam Authority                                

PO Box 409 Vinita, OK 74301

Telephone 918-256-5545