Submitted by Joy Michele Saffa


(Cushing, Okla) — As a resident of the state of Oklahoma and of the city of Cushing, I have concerns and questions regarding the handling of COVID19 in our state and our community.

My question today is…While we are being informed of which Oklahoma Counties have positive cases, why are the citizens in our state not being told if COVID19 is in our particular city and town?

Whatever the answer to that question is, it’s not adequate.

I understand that state and local governments are concerned about the economy.  They need us to shop and pay taxes.  We get it.  Citizens are very worried about the economy, too.  We are worried about so many things right now.  But to choose the economy over the health of citizens is just not right.

The economy will bounce back.  People who die from COVID19 won’t!

As of today (April 14) 108 Oklahomans are dead from this virus.  Is it possible that some of those 108 would still be here with us today had they known COVID19 was in their neighborhoods?

The answer to that question is Absolutely!  Yes!  It is possible!

Maybe we’re not being warned that the virus is in our community is to prevent panic?  Well, if that’s the case, if panic will convince citizens to behave responsibly, go home and stay home, then so be it!  Let’s all panic!

Most people tend to believe that, even if COVID19 is in their counties, it probably is not in their city or town.  Ignorance is bliss, right?

It is irresponsible for our state and our local governments to allow their citizens to continue to feel a false sense of safety (whether that is responsible thinking or not) by not fully reporting, exactly, where positive virus cases are.

Our local and state news stations and newspapers, along with every citizen, should absolutely be questioning why this is.

It’s a dangerous practice and it does cause further spread.

To deny the fact or to make empty excuses for it is just not responsible, proactive thinking to keep our families safe and healthy.  We are the ones who get that this virus can be extremely unrelenting and dangerous.  We know that it is up to all of us to do whatever we can to keep everyone safe.

Still, we all have neighbors who just don’t get it yet.  Lots of them!  Maybe they just don’t care.  Maybe it’s due to the fact they feel that false sense of safety because they don’t think it’s in their community.  Whatever the reason may be, it’s putting all of us in danger.

All of us, our state and local governments, our news stations, our citizens, we all have the responsibility to do whatever we can to stop the spread of this virus.

–Joy Michele Saffa