Sara Payne Keyes is Molly’s favorite (only) daughter. She has been a big fan of her mother since she was born. Sara is married to Jake and is a mother of 4. Hunter is her oldest and only son, Bella and Kira are her twin daughters, and Willow is the youngest little fairy girl. She takes great pride in her youngins and always will be their number 1 fan.

Sara is also a self-proclaimed fangirl of many different artists and musicians. Be sure to ask her about how she had lunch with Billy Corgan one time, she will be glad to tell you all about it!

Sara has been the honorary KUSH hype girl since her mom started becoming a big deal.  She’s now following her mother’s lead and is the most recent addition to the staff of the KUSH. She has titled herself the KUSH’s Fairy Home Maker. Her jobs thus far are to (try to) keep Molly sane, bring some Zen and tidy up the place a little here and there, while wafting sage and patchouli.  She’s also a helluva typist.

Sara has written for the HOME publication since 2015.  She’s currently searching for the next big article.  Come visit us ‘cuz it might be about you.

Sara is still writing her life’s story.