Hugh Foley is a long-term addict afflicted with the radio bug.  Besides numerous academic pursuits, an association with both KUSH and KRSC radio on many levels and an unadulterated love for music, Hugh has published works, including THE complete Oklahoma Music guide.

He also produces local sports coverage, both on video and air, trains future media professionals, and curates the KUSH music programming.

Not least of all, Hugh has hosted NATIVE AIR, an original Native American interest program, for over twenty years.

And that’s not all. The KUSH also provides a special website, called ( RED DIRT RADIO), commercial-free, which adds yet another dimension to his musical output.

And that’s not all. SLAPOUT, Hugh’s dyslectic band, can be heard, late at night, on the KUSH.

And.. if that’s not enough, Hugh serves with several important musical organizations, including a founders seat at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Hugh’s son, KOS, is also musically gifted.

When you meet Hugh, ask for his business card. He’ll buy lunch.