By Patti Weaver


  (Stillwater, Okla.) — A Yale man with an extensive criminal record has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial on charges of punching the face of a female relative whose jaw and eye were fractured on June 24, 2021 — and burglarizing a neighbor’s house on Aug. 6, 2021.
    District Judge Phillip Corley has ordered that Joseph Ray Ramage, 38, who has been jailed on $70,000 total bail since his arrest last August, be committed to the Department of Mental Health to receive treatment. The judge said he would review the issue of Ramage’s competence on Aug. 26.
    Ramage was arrested last summer after both charges were filed when a couple living near Ramage obtained emergency protective orders against him, court records show.
    According to Payne County court records and the state Department of Corrections, Ramage was 20 when he was sent to the Regimented Inmate Discipline (RID) prison boot camp program for attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon in 2001 and eluding a Yale police officer in 2003. He was incarcerated for about six months until being released to four and one-half years of probation in 2004.
    In 2016, Ramage was convicted of two separate incidents of felony domestic violence for which he was initially given four years of probation that was revoked n 2017 to one year in jail, which was again revoked in 2018 to 90 days in jail, and again revoked in 2019 to 180 days in jail.
    In 2017, Ramage was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm for which he was originally given a one-year jail term followed by nine years of probation, which was revoked in 2018 to 90 days in jail, again revoked in 2019 to 180 days in jail, and in 2020 again revoked to one year in jail with credit for time served.