KUSH Girls Molly and Donna spent over a week in search of this week’s selected good neighbor – she was out of town.  A neighbor definitely “worth the wait” –  Wanda Hebard, known affectionately as “Wonderful Wanda” joined the ranks of other Neighbors of the Week on Monday.  

Wanda was nominated by not just one, but two submission letters.  The first of which came from Stephanie Baker and Susan Hunter.

“We would like to nominate “Wonderful” Wanda Hebard for Neighbor of the Week.  Wanda has taught Sunday School for over 30 years, as well as Bible Drills for many years.  She has a love of teaching God’s Word – especially when it comes to children.  Wanda has a very special way of staying connected to all of her former students, and anyone else whose lives she has touched.

Wanda is just “Wonderful” to anyone that she meets.  She is always there to give you a big hug and a smile when you need it.  She is a loving person and a great neighbor to anyone who knows her.

We love “Wonderful” Wanda and know that many others in the community do too.  She is truly deserving of this honor.”

Wanda’s second nomination came from her neighbors Walter and Debbie Webb.  This is what the Webbs had to say about Wanda.

“We’d like to nominate Wanda Hebard for the best neighbor award given on the Donna and Molly Show.  Wanda is our next door neighbor and what a special person she is.  She keeps track of everything going on in the neighborhood.  Part of a watchful eye.  When we are on vacation or just away for a few days, she picks up our mail and papers. waters the plants and generally takes care of our place.  She’s even watched the dog before.  She’s always watching out for everyone in the neighborhood.  The neighborhood kids always play in our creek, but after a big rain, Wanda is right there telling the kids to have their parents with them so they don’t get hurt in a rushing water stream.  You name it, Wanda has helped everyone in our neighborhood at one time or another.  We proudly nominate Wanda Hebard for this award.”

Congratulations to Wonderful Wanda for all the wonderful things she does.  May the bluebird of happiness always light at your window!