By: Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Perkins woman accused of aggravated drunk driving in Perkins has been ordered to appear in Payne County District Court on Jan. 6 when she can seek a preliminary hearing on the felony charge.

Christine Virginia Thomas, 41, who previously lived in Yale, was originally charged in the Payne County case with a misdemeanor that was dismissed prior to being refiled as a felony that carries a maximum penalty of a five-year prison term and a $5,000 fine on conviction.

Thomas remains free on $1,000 bond on the three-count case in which she was also accused of transporting an opened container of beer and failing to carry a security verification form.

Thomas was arrested at 9:26 p.m. on Sept. 30 by Perkins Police Officer Daryn Zanfardino, who saw a vehicle that “appeared to have wrecked out in the fence on the south side of the road at the intersection of Sadler and E. Knipe” in Perkins where a white truck was parked diagonally from the vehicle in the fence, an affidavit said.

“Christine was very slow and deliberate while talking and was slurring her speech,” the officer alleged in his affidavit. “Christine advised that she had three beers,” the affidavit alleged.

After Thomas and a juvenile were asked if they called 911 and they said they had not, “I told them that they had damaged property,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

Thomas and a juvenile said that a friend “was the one that had wrecked the vehicle and that they had come and picked her up and she was already home,” the affidavit alleged.

While the officer was speaking to Thomas, he could hear the juvenile say “just tell him,” the affidavit alleged. “Christine then looked at me and stated, ‘it was me,'” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

“I again asked Christine how much she has had to drink and she, this time, advised five beers since four o’clock,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

“I asked Christine how the truck had gotten there and (the juvenile) advised that her and (another female) had dropped the truck off and that (the other female) had walked back home,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

In addition to an open can of beer that was about one-quarter full in the center console, “While inventorying the vehicle, I located two more Busch Lights that were in a cooler bag that had not yet been opened,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

When Thomas was given a breath test at the Payne County Jail, her blood alcohol was .16, the affidavit alleged.

According to court records, in 2017 Thomas had pleaded guilty to actual physical control of a motor vehicle in Creek County for which she was given a one-year deferred sentence.