We are taking questions for future segments of the “Paula Show”! Owner and operator of Cushing’s longtime Wholefoods, Paula Porter is in the Business Spotlight this week and entices 100 million more questions.

I have always practiced healthy choices for foods, I have taken vitamins and minerals all of my life, and sought effective alternative medicines so I have been a customer of Wholefoods and have known both Paula and her mother for many years. Wholefoods has been in business since 1976. When I approached Paula about her advertising, she said her mother never did and she said they got by solely by word of mouth. I forged on….stating that the KUSH girls had the biggest mouths in town, and that here are so many new and valuable healthy products available, and so many people are not aware of them. I think Paula’s love of the community and her passion for her business and the natural products industry finally made up her mind to “speak up.” It is my goal to bring Paula to you in segments because the information is so vast and she has been caring enough to share her knowledge with us.

Paula Porter talked about her mother Ms. Mary Gimmey .She talked about how she had to take over the family business, literally the day of her mother’s unexpected passing. Paula married Randy Porter of Agra and they have two sons, Matthew and Joshua. Paula is home schooling them and often you will see them in the store, sometimes assisting customers or doing their homework in the back room. They are also very active in 4-H and Joshua is attending Vo-Tech. I have to say, it is always a pleasure to see them. They are always polite, pleasant, and a big help to their Mom. I went to school with her husband Randy Porter who was always quiet and friendly to everyone. Paula also shared with us her love of photography and said that she still does some personal portraits or portraits for athletic teams.

Paula is very modest when it comes to sharing her knowledge of the industry and Paula does not mind saying, “You know what, I don’t know, but I will try to find out. ” Many times she will get out her reference books and give you as much information as she has available. Her customers always receive a free copy of the monthly Better Nutrition magazine that has a lot of interesting information about all the updated studies and newest products. Paula Porter is never too busy to take my crazy calls about Cat’s Claw, hormone woes, or just when I am not feeling good. I have her scheduled for the 17th of this month for another of many segments. We plan break it down for you into segments and focus on a specific subject each time. Everything from foods, to vitamins, to herbs, to even perfumes and so much more. We did learn from Paula that two things that are the most important for your health, in her opinion, are fish oil and minerals. We also discussed the product Arnica, which is used for bruising and muscle soreness. I take it as well for slight headaches, before they turn into monsters and I have found it to be very effective. Arnica comes in a gel as well. On our next show with Paula, we will be talking all about foods and healthy choices. We will address gluten free, sugars, fat free, chemicals, preservatives, and try to answer your questions. Please send them to me at [email protected].

Paula, I personally could visit with you all day. Thank you for coming on the show and let’s do lunch!