April 15th is a day of importance in Cushing – not only is it the day people must file their taxes, but it is also the day the Cushing Lions Club has set aside for their annual White Cane Auction. The auction is scheduled for noon, Tuesday, April 15 at the Lions Den located on Broadway in Downtown Cushing.

Bobby Simpson will be auctioning off an assortment of valuable items to the highest bidders. The public is not only welcome to attend and participate in bidding, but to also donate auction items prior to the sale.

If you would like to make a donation to the Lions Club to help raise monies for the Oklahoma Eye Bank and the Perkins Boys Ranch, please contact any Lions Club member.

Trivia note: The white cane, the well-known symbol for the blind, is said to have been introduced in Peoria, Ill. In 1930, when Lion George A. Bonham observed a blind man trying to cross the street using a black cane that was barely visible, he offered to paint the cane white to make it more visible. In 1931 the Peoria Lions Club approved a project to make and distribute white canes. Soon the Peoria city council adopted an ordinance giving those carrying a white cane the right of way while crossing the street.

The rest, as they say, is history.