Welcome to the brand-new version of the KUSH website!  For over ten years, the group known as the KUSH team have been redesigning for the 21st century. Really, we are simply continuing the
vision as first envisioned by Don and Later, Sean Kelly, beginning in 1953. They weren’t the first. Others began the efforts to embrace the then-new technology of AM Radio in 1947.

There’s a short-list of visionaries, who, Amazingly, are well represented in radio in our state today, many now still serving, thru family and staff who have picked up the mantle. We are grateful for them. The technology that makes this letter possible is finally maturing to the point that allows our team to create a portal for all we do today. The KUSH isn’t just a small-town, low power radio station anymore. Coupled with an extensive overhaul of our physical plant, the team has installed all new, Latest tech equipment, increased the Power output five-fold, and tuned the On-air signal to the point never before possible. A new license for an FM translator has been obtained and will be broadcasting soon. STEREO is possible, both with the FM signal, and the newfound ability to broadcast our Programming live via the web, direct from our servers. AM never sounded so good. Nighttime is no longer a weak signal. Tune in any time.

We continue serving our region, state, and country by covering news, events, and entertainment in ways unique to the KUSH. Besides the on-air broadcasts, and this website, links are now available to peruse, using the SNN Channel, which covers the Stillwater area, our KUSH NEWS on Facebook site, plus the social version, KUSH RADIO on Facebook, a twitter feed.. and more.

Then, while you’re working, you can tune in to RDROK.com, where we continuously feed our music collections.

We have more news and weather on tap than ever before. We’re working very hard to deliver more relevant content every day. We are using the latest methods to stay connected and will deliver it quicker than any other medium.

No station in America does a better job of keeping our listeners connected. We are: “The voice of Oklahoma” today. Finally, unique to Oklahoma, boosted by our connections inside the red dirt
( and more ) roots music scene, the KUSH produces and curates its own music programming. This is my fav part of the fun, here. Molly & Joyce host many hours of live programming
featuring local, regional, & nationally known artists. We support local music. We cover the events. We play it all. KUSH is “What America sounds like”.