Week 14: Insurance was no drag with Mrs. Sherrie Bean. Cushing Insurance Agency and American Farmers and Ranch. Family owned and operated of course!

Some might assume insurance is dull subject, however our beautiful guest Mrs. Sherrie Bean’s enthusiasm and knowledge in the field of insurance kept us going for the full hour. Clearly she is well educated and up on all the latest changes and diversities of the insurance business. Her mother, Mrs. Shirley Roe has been in business in Cushing for over 30 years as a real estate broker, owner and operator of Cushing Insurance Agency as well as Homefinders. Sherrie Bean, Mrs. Roe’s oldest daughter joined the family business in 1990 and received her liscense in 1996. When you walk into the office of Cushing Insurance/American Farmers and Ranchers , it is like sitting down with your own mom and sister. Sherrie will take the time to make sure you understand all the intricacies of your auto, home and health insurance policies. Sherrie enjoys working with her mom and still makes time to take her Grandma out to lunch every day.

We were very interested to hear about Sherry’s involvement as a volunteer for CASA. CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate, a volunteer, trained and appointed by the judge, to speak and act on behalf of an abused child. You can go to CASA on the internet and find out more about the organization and about what your can do to help abused children. My story is about insurance, however Sherrie Bean, Patty Ahrberg and so many others in Cushing are very passionate about abused women and children and work so hard for these organizations and it definitely deserves a mention. There are so many more organizations in and around our community as well as CASA involved with abused women and children.Weve been hearing alot about them all lately. I myself would like to be more involved.

When Sherrie is off work you will find her coaching at the youth center, helping with her nieces and nephews and doing what she does best…being a reeeeally good girl….The girls at Cushing Insurance, Mrs Shirley Roe and Mrs. Sherrie Bean are a great asset to our community.