This morning, Cushing police received a mail that had been circulated amongst other email users about an incident that occurred allegedly the Cushing Walmart last evening in which a female was approached in the parking lot by a male after a flat tire was discovered on her car. The male allegedly assisted the female with replacing the tire and then asked for a ride across the parking lot. In doing so, the female became uncomfortable and returned to the store. Before returning to the store, the female supposedly locked a duffle bag being carried by the male in her car. The contents of the duffle bag allegedly contained rope, duck tape, a knife, and a hammer, etc. It was suggested that Cushing police had been called and was unable to locate the male. The allegation that Cushing police had been called is untrue.

Police were able to identify the source of the email and interview the person, which led police to expand their investigation to Drumright. Drumright police were also able to interview others that had information about the origin of the emails content. Cushing police spoke with Walmart management and found that they were unaware of such an alleged event as had been previously described in the email as occurring.

Chief Terry Brannon said, “After an exhaustive investigative effort his morning, which included the Drumright Police Department, we were not able to substantiate truthfulness of this emails content. It is unfortunate that an email like this one had been circulated to other email users in Cushing without its content first being verified.” Brannon continued, “I appreciate the help from Chief Rocky Pinson at Drumright, as well as Walmart management, in helping us resolve the fear this email had generated.”

Again, police want to stress that this incident did not occur last evening at the Cushing Walmart.