Our first guests, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wright, (his lovely wife, Rose, was born and raised in Africa), are soft-spoken, modest and have hearts as big as the state of OK. They were loveable, interesting, intriguing, hardworking, and full of goodwill and I believe such an asset to our communities.

Here is why!

If you have ever been in trouble of any kind and hit rock bottom you’ll understand why. Say you’ve served your time, made amends and you want to start over. You want to change, take a brand new and responsible path, and live a good life – but you have nothing. No family or good friends to help you. No money, no job, no car or driver’s license, and no place to go and nowhere to live. The only clothes you have are the ones on your back.

Otherwise, you have nothing – absolutely nothing!

Statistics prove most likely you will end up back where you came from. Back in trouble!

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wright give the chance of a lifetime to someone just like I’ve described. Tom is the founder of Love’s Foundation Ministries, a certified 501© 3 non profit organization. They offer a voluntary one-year program and ministry for men who are homeless, recently released from prison or in dire need of physical and spiritual rehabilitation. They provide shelter, food, clothes, job skills, transportation to and from appointments or interviews. They offer stability and spiritual friendship. They share their love and give a lot of hope for a brighter future and so much more.

Fresh out of nowhere – “Nothing Land,” these people have a job right off the bat. Wrightway Homes are built by the people in the Love’s Foundation Ministries Program that are grateful to have an opportunity to earn the chance of a better life.

Wrightway Homes are gorgeous, ready-built homes that can be customized to fit any budget. There are numerous floor plans to choose from – whether you are looking for something modest or want to customize your home extravagantly. Pricing starts at $42 per square foot. These homes are structurally sound and completely reinforced, unlike a mobile home or your run-of-the-mill, built-on-site homes. The cabinets are solid oak custom built. In fact, one of the cabinetmakers is a volunteer trainer in cabinetmaking. Each of the 16″ walls is lined with top of the line R-23 insulation. The exterior walls are reinforced with treated lumber and floor joists are made of 2×10 boards.

If you want to find out more about their homes or you want to help in some way you can email Mr. Tom Wright at [email protected]. Or call him at (918)812-2023.

Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Wright, the pleasure was all mine. Mrs. Wright’s children are planning to come to Cushing, from Africa, some time in the near future and I am very much looking forward to meeting them.