From a distance, it appears to be a grand house with stunning pillars, intricate details, and sweeping lawns. It is so much more than that. Built in 1929, it was originally the Jones’ family home, a setting for countless memories and grand events. For a while it was home to Jesuit priests before the founder of Valley Hope Association discovered not only its functionality but also its potential to facilitate change, growth, and inspiration for the people who seek treatment for the disease of addiction.

Just as there continues to be a stigma attached to addiction and its treatment, there may still be a cloud of mystery around the facility itself as well as the work it does. Local residents are at times uncertain of the facility’s purpose, curious about what happens to patients who make their home there for a month or so. Some ask if it is permissible to come and “…look around…” as they remain intrigued by the structure and its occupants. There are probably others who remain concerned about the beautiful building’s current function, perhaps afraid of the unknown. The spirit and energy on the grounds, though, tend to leave no one who spends time there unchanged. Only moments after arriving one tends to encounter hugs, consistent support, and empowering affirmation. This approach to treatment has consistently delivered renewed hope for over twenty-five thousand patients to date. It is rare to find someone who has spent any length of time there who walks away unchanged. Simply being present, witnessing and thereby experiencing the renewed strength and increased insight offers opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. One has to wonder how many individuals drive down Linwood Avenue unaware that they are passing by as lives are being rebuilt, relationships repaired, and hope being restored.

Nearly sixty individuals choose to spend their working hours on the grounds. They are blessed with the opportunity to be part of the journeys of countless patients seeking a new way of life, or a return to lives they once knew. Proud of their facility and the work they do, staff members tend to be passionate about their beliefs and desire to put patient care before all else. Quite simply, the patients seeking new ways of life are the most important thing; they are the priority for Valley Hope employees.

The desire to improve that patient care is essentially what prompted the recent renovations at the facility. The generosity of former patients, local vendors, and others who simply love and believe in what Valley Hope does has resulted in some changes in its atmosphere. The architect worked closely with individuals intent on maintaining the integrity of the original house to develop a design that celebrates it. The new patient kitchen and living center flow beautifully, creating an area for patients to recreate and embrace the fellowship that is such an essential component to the treatment experience. The infamous gate that has for over thirty years represented patients entering new phases in their lives as well as venturing out into the real world with revived spirits has been replaced with an even grander gate that includes the Valley Hope symbol. New lighting formatted by another individual with great affection for the facility lines a redesigned driveway. And a newly installed elevator has further broadened the scope of individuals able to comfortably experience Valley Hope and its gifts.

For those who are not aware of the work Valley Hope does, or would like to “…look around…” and witness the beautiful atmosphere, a ribbon-cutting is scheduled on April 20, 2012 from 9 AM to 12 PM. The gifts Valley Hope has been permitted are certain to enable limitless blessings to its patients. All who love the facility and who have worked to assist in its recent transition are so very proud and eager to open the doors and as always their hearts to those who would like to understand more about the center and its purpose. The people of Cushing and its surrounding areas are invited to share in this special day and are encouraged to be a part of the formal celebration…a new beginning for a place that continues to mean so much to so many.

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