This morning, Cushing police began investigating several car burglaries’ that occurred on or near Anna Street. It is believed that the cars burglarized were unlocked. The car burglar was able to make off with a laptop computer, clothing, GPS units, and a handgun among other items.

Police are encouraging citizens to LOCK IT UP! In addition to locking your car, citizens are encouraged to:

– Try to park your car in a well lit area.

– Remember to remove items of significant value from your car or place them out of view if it is going to be unattended for sometime, i.e. overnight. Not doing so is inviting trouble.

– The glove compartment should always be locked. Avoid using this utility as a permanent storage device especially for important documents.

– If you must leave a GPS device in your car or other valuable electronic equipment, remember to record the model and serial numbers, placing it in a safe place in the event it is stolen. This will help police track your stolen property in the event it is recovered, pawned, etc.

Currently, police have no suspects or other leads. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the police department at (918) 225-1212. Officer Matthew Piatt and MPO Bill McCarty are working the current car burglary cases.