He’s been entertaining folks across the country and abroad for years and now he’s coming to Cushing!  Max Reynolds will be performing at the 2009 Cushing Community PRCA Rodeo, July 10 & 11.

Reynolds is known for his Roman-style riding, trick roping and use of two favorites of the Old West – bull whips and six-shooters.  Reynolds incorporates each of these into his show with such skill and accuracy that he has been nominated three times for Specialty Act of the Year.

Sure to bring smiles and applause from any audience, Reynolds’ rope tricks include the “Giant Cowboy’s Wedding Ring” which involves 70 feet of rope spun around the entire horse and rider, “Two Rope Routines” – combinations of spinning and jumping in and out of two ropes simultaneously and the well known, “Texas Skip” made famous by Oklahoma’s best-known trick roper, Will Rogers.

Known as one of the most difficult stunts to perform with horses, Reynolds astonishes crowds with his Roman Riding – standing on the backs of two running horses and performing several death-defying stunts including straddling fire stakes and jumping horses through fire.

Reynolds can “wow” a crowd as he shows off his ability to strike a target with a crack of his whip or the twirl of his gun – all from the back of a horse.

Reynolds also appears regularly in “Wild West Shows” touring across the United States and internationally.  These shows are said to bring “a whole new depth to live performances and stunts” – and are definitely a “must see” for western fans of all ages.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this amazing performer at the Cushing Community PRCA Rodeo!


For more information visit www.rodeoacts.com/stunts.htm