Several local citizens attended Monday’s regular meeting of Cushing commissioners to voice their concerns about curbside trash pick up.

Robin Dunaway was the first to speak up on the subject by saying she has noticed an increase in trash littering the town since residents were asked to bring their trash containers to the curb instead of having them picked up in the alley.

Curbside pick up was requested after this winter’s devastating ice storm.

“It’s been three months now,” Dunaway said. “I would like to see it go back to the alley.”

Dunaway’s neighbor Harry Escott reiterated her request, as did several others – including Jim Hogrefe who is currently running for city commissioner against incumbent Lynda Smith.

“I’m not here to campaign,” Hogrefe stated, “I want to see the trash pick up back into the alleys.”

Commissioners Tommy Johnson and John Henckel said they, too, have heard many complaints from local residents about the trash service.

According to Mayor Lynda Smith and interim City Manager Steve Spears a work session has already been planned to address the problem.

“The public will be notified,” Spears said.