Melody Hatfield and Anita Hinkle in the Spotlight to tell us about, easy cash,  free cash and more free cash.

     The manager of Tower Loans, Melody Hatfield and manager of Courtesy Loans, Anita Hinkle, were in the business spotlight, and they have big news. They are giving away free cash!  I can’t think of anything better than that.  Come by Tower Loans or next door at Courtesy Loan, both on the corner of Moses and Harrison in Cushing, apply for a loan, get  approved, usually with the hour, and you will receive $30.00 extra in free cash. That is in addition to your loan amount. In addition to that, if you refer someone to receive a loan, YOU get $25.00 in free cash. It is that easy. The girls shared with our listeners, the application process, how simple and short the application form is, the low interest rate, the flexibility and convenience of the entire process.  I had to get a loan at my bank, no too long ago, and it took literally several days! I am not complaining about my bank, I’ve been at the same Bank since I was 15, and I do not mind telling, that was 35 years ago, and I have never needed to get a loan anywhere else. (Mothers do not count, by the way.) Most major banks have a $500 borrowing minimum.  You must fill out an application, not exactly a shorty, there is a credit check process, and then there is the signing of documentation.  Well in the case of Tower and Courtesy Loans, maybe someone might not need as much,  they may just need to borrow a little to take care of a car repair bill, and just don’t happen to have it in their pocket right then. Or maybe their credit might not be too good. And, maybe they just need it fast!! At Tower and Courtesy Loans, you can get up to $800. If you have job,  for a required amount of time, which they will verify, there are no credit checks, faxes, mountains of paperwork and there are, flexible payments, it’s secure, private and it’s that simple. Money you need fast, simple and well… very friendly service.

   We talk as well about the construction going on next to Taco Mayo. It willl be the new offices of Tower and Courtesy Loan. They are hoping to move in this by this February. How nice it will be for them, right on Main Street. There will be a video store as well. There is one office available for lease. The owners of the property are from Shawnee and I hear they are wonderful, family oriented folks. If you are interested in the office you can call Melody at (918)225-3301 or Anita at (918)225-3300. Hey,it’s a win-win if you do your business locally, and the girls Melody and Anita at Tower and Courtesy Loans are on top of things. Thanks Girls. Hope we have you back in the KUSH Zone.