Librarian Philip Flick is no stranger to libraries. He has worked at four different ones throughout the years. In spite of the wide use of Internet as a source of information, he sees libraries as being the place to immerse yourself into a subject.

“Libraries are a place to gather information from various sources,” Flick said. “You can come to your own conclusions and understanding about things. Books are tangible.”

Philip Flick recently joined the library staff as the assistant to Head Librarian, La Dawn Connor and has taken residence in Cushing.

“I love living in Cushing,” Flick said. “I like the low-key pace and I live just a few blocks from work – which is nice.”

Flick is originally from Dewey, Okla. but has traveled all over the world, including living in Germany while he was serving in the military.

“I wanted to become a professional musician,” Flick said. Seeing an opportunity to further his training, he enlisted in the Air Force as a musician. An accomplished trombonist, he also plays the euphonium – a brass instrument similar to a tuba – and played in an ensemble at OSU. However, currently he is completing his Master’s degree in philosophy from OSU.

“I’m a Baptist preacher’s son,” Flick said with a smile – indicating his interest in philosophy may come from his deep religious roots.

As to where he may go after graduation, Flick isn’t sure – although he thoroughly enjoys the work he does. Whatever he chooses, he definitely seems right at home amongst the things he loves – books.