Amy Riddle has been on KUSH radio now…I think about 4 times. She is not a bit shy (unless you try to take her picture) and this beautiful native Georgian is a yummy peach and a force to be reckoned with.

This time the gorgeous Tanyia Greening joined Amy Riddle for the interview. Tanyia Greening has been with vineyard owners Gary and Brenda Schroeder for over 5 years and is the perfect host for a wine tasting or tour of national and state registered historical Tidal School facilities.

The building itself has a story. John Rockefeller built it in 1930 as a school for his company oilfield workers. The building has been fully restored, and downstairs, the cellars contain the only mechanical bottling operation in the state. And as the manager of Tidal School Vineyards, Amy has got to be on her toes at all times. You name it, internationally acclaimed wines and wine production, mind-boggling art in every medium you can imagine, fantastic food, music from the locals and all over the united states, anywhere from acoustic guitar to jazz, rock & roll…ALL, every dang day at Tidal Schools Vineyard.

(I am getting excited just writing this because this place is so amazing.)

Like I said, nearly every weekend there is something going on at Tidal Schools.  (By the way, it’s easy to find, it’s located in Drumright, south on hwy 16/33 junction, next to Josef’s Fine Foods.) This weekend is sold out for the Max Colvin and the Thunderbirds Rock and Roll Party. A few weeks ago, they had Parrot-Ice, a Jimmy Buffet celebration. Over 100 people attended and as promise, actually had a sailboat in the vineyard. Parrot heads from all over came and had a fine time.

And I still can’t stop talking about Tidal Idol. It was held a few months ago and it was their second annual, first class fun, deliciously catered judged singing competition. The judges impersonating Simon, Paula, Randy and Kara were a riot and the talent was exceptional. Our very own Jackie Escott won first prize.

Then there was the little black dress event for Rhett Butler. We had 13 in our party. All I can say about the event: It was a typical First Class Tidal School event. It was wonderful and I hear Rhett may be back in October.

This Sunday you can meet two of the exhibiting artist that are fabulous photographers. Every month Tidal School features some of the finest artists from all over Oklahoma and their works of art are on displayed in the events room and in the halls. And they are for sale. Take my word for it! These are a “must see.” You will enjoy the art so much.

Then next weekend, Aug. 15th from 2-4 p.m. Shane Bruce will be performing.  He is an acoustic guitarist inspired by John Denver, the Beatles, Neil Young and it’s totally free!!

Later on the Calendar is “A walk in the Clouds,” Champagne Brunch. We are going to learn how to harvest grapes, get a heart full champagne breakfast brunch; there will be live music, and free wine tasting. I even hear there may be some grape stomping going on as well.

You just never know what might be going on at Tidal School Vineyard!    For example, Amy shared with us that there is a surprise private proposal scheduled this week for a very lucky lady.

See what I’m saying???

Even Representative Mary Fallen is on the bandwagon. She voted Tidal School Vineyards the most Outstanding New Attraction and presented them with the Redbud Award at the Governors Conference on Tourism.

You must check out their website and get on their mailing list so you do not miss a single event going on at Tidal School Vineyards.  Because I thought… being who I am…you know, one of the KUSH girls… that I could wait till the last minute and still get in.  Wrong! This weekend’s event was sold out completely!!

Their wine is wonderful, the staff is wonderful, Amy Riddle is above and beyond, their events totally enjoyable, the gift shop and well everything at Tidal Schools is something you can do on your day off.  You can take some out of towners and feel you have accomplished something GREAT!!

If you would like to contact Tidal School Vineyards you can call 866-258-1903. Just don’t ask for Debbie. Thank Ladies. It was the epitome of optimum!