Resolving to Commitment

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”      Proverbs 3:6

     Some of you welcomed in today with noise and celebration.  There are others who welcomed in this day by checking their eyelids for holes.  Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? 

     I believe that there is a big difference between resolutions and commitments.  Resolutions are not kept and usually forgotten.  There is a greater calling to commitments. 

     We must stand for something or we will fall for anything!  What will you commit to for 2010?  Commitment is keeping promises no matter what.  I want to encourage you to commit to finding a place for Jesus in your life.  The Bible assures us that if we will seek Him, we will find Him.  We can also make a commitment to others, giving of yourself to those who need some encouragement.  Another commitment would be to you.  Commit to bettering yourself. 

     Did you notice it?  The first letter of those three commitments spell the word JOY.  If you want JOY in 2010, commit to Jesus, Others and You.  You will see a difference.

Prayer for the day:  God, someone is going to be blessed today and it might as well be me.