Thoughts To Anchor On

The Time Crunch

“There is the right time for everything.”   

            Ecclesiastes 3:1

     What is the most important thing you did or will do today?  How much time did it take?  What is the least important thing you did or will do today?  How much time will it take?

     Time is strange.  God does not know time, He is not restricted by it.  He created time for us to use.  This is even stranger considering we would probably be better off if we did not have to worry about time. 

     Everyone has been given an equal amount of time.  The difference is how we choose to invest that time.  We are each given 168 hours each week.  We use approximately one third of this time to rest and recuperate.  About one seventh of our time is spent eating and taking care of personal business.  About thirty percent of our time we earn a living.  That leaves about 38 hours per week to be spent as we wish.

     The heart of time management is our willingness and ability to maximize God’s gift of time, not to worry with calendars and stopwatches.

     God has given us the precious gift of time; we need to be good stewards of it.  The management of time must be our top priority.  If we are not careful, our days can become wasted and lack purpose.

Prayer for the day: God, help me spend my time wisely in every way.