For some time now, Donna and I have been playing “phone tag” with the recipients of Neighbor of the Week.  Today, we finally connected and it was definitely worth the wait!  Doug and Coleen Pieper proved to be everything that their neighbor Vickie Marlow said they were.  Warm, charming and humble are just a few of the words that came to mind after visiting with the Pipers.  Just driving up to the Pieper house makes one feel welcome.  From the beautifully landscaped yard dotted with flowers,  to the small bridge built by one of their neighbors, the Pieper home is as warm and inviting as its occupants.

Read what Vickie Marlow had to say about Doug and Coleen Pieper, our latest Neighbors of the Week.

“I would like to nominate Doug and Coleen Pieper for Neighbor of the week.  The Piepers keep their yard as any neighbor should, BEAUTIFUL!  If you can’t find the Piepers in their own yard, you can find them working in the neighbor’s yard mowing and planting flowers.  They invite neighbors over for dinner and always make too much food, they want to send food home with those invited.  Doug can be found each week grading the county road so the neighbors will have smooth roads to drive on.  The Piepers have a daughter Katina who lives in Rwanda, Africa with her husband Jerod and their son, Brice as missionaries.  So, not only are they neighbors to the community, they have taught their daughter to give to the less fortunate in other countries. They are a family with generous hearts.”

Vickie Marlow

Congratulations!  And thank you Doug and Coleen for the delicious coffee and beautiful handmade African necklaces – and of course, for being GOOD NEIGHBORS!

If you would like to nominate someone for Neighbor of the Week, you can do so by submitting your entry at one of the following locations:  Cushing Chamber of Commerce, located at 1301 E. Main; Natural Choice Chiropractic, located at 1236 E. Main; Cushing Senior Citizen Center, located at 203 E. Cherry; or Jolley Realty located at 123 W. Broadway.  You can also submit via e-mail:  [email protected]; Molly at [email protected]; or Donna at [email protected].

We want to know about YOUR good neighbor!

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