Lions gather another big win on the road in Beggs. The Golden Demons kicked off to Chandler, the offense forced to punt on the first drive. The lion’s defense came on the field and returned the favor, leading Aaron Gillette to score first with 3:02 left in the first quarter.

Chandler had a few hiccups after that but none the less, controlled the game. Jack Gray ran in a 68 yard touchdown adding the total Chandler offensive to 675 yards. Going in for halftime, the score – 21-7 Chandler.

Third quarter, the lion’s defense picked off two interceptions thrown by demons quarterback Ryan Russell that resulted into two more touchdown drives led by Johnny Morten. At the end of the 3rd, Chandler had scored two unanswered touchdowns making it 35-7 into the fourth quarter. Beggs bounced back, but not enough – only getting into the in zone one more time, as Chandler made two more touchdowns before the last whistle was blown. Missing a p.a.t.- the final score was Chandler 48 – Beggs 14. Go Lions!

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