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(Cushing, Okla) — “Ask and ye shall receive.”  Cushing Pride Director Richard Thackray submitted a request for grant assistance from TC Energy and received a grant to purchase colorful sorting sacks to be handed out to the recycling public to be used in separating aluminum, steel cans, plastics #1 and #2.  Additional funds were granted to purchase decorative trash cans to be installed around the city, as well as cigarette receptacles, in hope of cutting down on litter.  The grants will help with efforts to keep Cushing clean and beautiful.  The four decorative benches will be placed along the Memorial Park walking trail.

“Today was a great day for a great partnership,” Thackray said.  Along with a big thank you to TC Energy and TC Energy Foundation, Thackray gave special thanks to Gary McDonald who kept them informed and assisted in the process.  “We will be forever thankful for your help in returning Cushing to a cleaner and more responsible community!”

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