Now, I know what you are thinking. Old News. Well not so fast. Normally I would not get too excited about plastics, but OMG, wait  until you see what Tupperware has now! Take a minute to browse her website www.StorageSecrets.com or better yet, run down to Beau Monde at 112 N. Harrison, in Cushing.  Susan Pittser  has a huge display of the newest and coolest items from Tupperware. But before I go off on all the great products I have found from Tupperware, let me tell you a little about Susan.

Long Blonde hair, petite,very soft spoken and very poised Susan Pittser is very easy to talk to. She and her husband Byron have seven kids – yes seven! She grew up in Cushing and is the daughter of  Melba Meyers- the former owner of Heritage Florist.  At one time Susan and her husband ran the flower shop however at this time her brother Bobby Meyers is the owner/operator.  Another thing that Susan does in her spare time is archery. You might want to check out the videos on the local archery club website www.myarcheryclub.com  It’s kind of hard to image little Susan pulling a 50 plus lb. crossbow.  I know.  I took archery in school and it was alot of fun – but no easy task. 

Now on to the new Tupperware products.  I am really excited tell you about some of them.  If you listen to our shows at KUSH, you’ve probably heard about the new pickle keepers.  Although Tupperware pickle keepers are not new, they are now newly designed, in pretty pastel colors making them a must have. I have several  of them in my refrigerator – not only for pickles, but olives, jalapenos and cherries as well.

How about blooming tea?  They actually bloom in a glass tea pot a beautiful display. It’s unique and a great crowd pleaser at any party.  My favorite new Tupperware product is the lemon/lime squeezer.  In a beautiful bright yellow, it’s heavy duty and on sale now for only $10.00.  Maybe the best thing about Tupperware is their lifetime warranty, which I myself have taken advantage of several times.  The durability of Tupperware, the originality, and the range of usefulnessof Tupperware makes it a popular favorite for every household. 

Susan Pittser and Brandy Burks are having Tupperware parties all the time.  So check out her website for the latest one.  They are so fun.  She has free gifts and SNACKS!  Hear that Donna & Molly?  Thanks Susan.  It was fun having you on the show.