By Richard Thackray

(Cushing, Okla) — Cushing Pride took center stage at YOUR Community Theatre as eighteen volunteers gathered to dust off years of accumulated props and costumes as well as toss out those items that are no longer usable. Michele Music, executive director of the theatre, reached out to myself asking if I could call the troops together from Cushing Pride so we could knock this project out quickly.

We started the morning with a simple breakfast of sausage biscuits donated by our local McDonalds, donuts donated by Daylight Donuts, and juice. Then it was time to get dirty.

The backstage area is where construction takes place, so tools, paints, and supplies needed to be sorted and stored properly. Others worked close by where the wood storage is kept and this too was organized. To the left of the theatre is a large storage area that keeps everything from floral arrangements to antique furniture, enough to furnish several houses. It’s not until you go upstairs that you realize how long this theatre has been around. The rows of costumes from wedding gowns to army uniforms, top hats to fedoras all needed to be categorized, cleaned and gone through for usability. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so we had to be careful what we threw away.

Cushing Community Theatre is here to stay and is growing in popularity as proven by the recent rendition of Robin Hood that put a smile on everyone’s face that left the theatre. Three more great shows are planned for this year with a murder mystery dinner show and ending the year with “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Though Cushing Pride is best known for its trashy events, this one will hopefully help turn TRASH into CA$H for your theatre so that bigger and better things will find you being a regular attendee right here in your home town.

Remember you can find out what’s happening close by going to Facebook and searching “Cushing Calendar”, a page brought to you by Cushing Pride. See you in two weeks when we select the next Adopt-A-Block team worthy of the “TRASHY” award.