CHS seniors Ashley Cloud and Wendy Fletcher visited with Donna and Molly on the Fun Friday edition of the Donna and Molly Show.  The KUSH Girls also received a visit from CHS football players, DJ McKinney and Brett Aicher.

Ashley and Wendy work together on the school newspaper and while they may not be “BFFs” (best friends forever), they share a friendship that will be remember for years to come.  Ashley likes to write while Wendy aspires to draw.  A similar combination quite familiar to the KUSH Girls. 

They delivered the school news and left with smiles on their faces.

Here’s the news they had to share for the week:


Wilson Pre-K is hosting their annual Open House and Book Fair on Thursday, Sept. 10th, 7 – 8 p.m.  Books and gifts available for all ages but especially books appropriate for Pre-K level students.  They will also have a silent auction at that time.  Each class is designing a themed basket (movie night, baker’s delight).  The silent auction and book fair funds will be equally divided among the Pre-K classrooms.

CHS News:
The cheerleaders and dance team decorated the sidewalks and hung up “cool” signs to remind the students of the first football game of the season – Tigers vs. Bristow Pirates. 

The CHS Band will be playing at half times this season with the theme revolving around West Side Story.

On Sept. 15th, there will be a Project Graduation meeting in the CHS lobby.  All seniors who wish to participate need to be present by 6:30 p.m.

Student Rotarian for the month of September is DeShea’ Ladd.

Business People of America will be selling “mega muffins” for $1 before school and during lunch in Ms. Barton’s room.  Ashley and Wendy agreed they are definitely DE-LICIOUS.

FFA is currently selling Blue and Gold breaded chicken strips and sausage along with T and D chicken breasts and sausage biscuits.  Anyone interested in ordering can call 918-225-1361 or get in touch with an FFA member.  All profits go directly towards Cushing’s FFA chapter.


D.J. McKinney and Brett Aicher proved to be great guests as well.
Both were anticipating the first game of the football season – and doing so with a fair amount of confidence.  Unfortunately, the Tigers did not prevail over the Bristow Purple Pirates, but they definitely demonstrated determination and improvement over last season.

D.J. and Brett stressed how important it is to receive support from the stands.  Both agreed it helps the morale of the team to have people cheering them on.

Friday, Sept. 11th is the first home game for the Tigers.  Please fill the stands – practice your cheering this week and maybe even make some signs.  You, too, can make a difference to these young men.

Listen next Friday morning from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. for “Tiger Time” on the Donna and Molly Show. 

KUSH will be giving the play by play at each game through out the season.  Turn to 1600 on your AM dial OR games will also be streamed live on