(Cushing, Okla.) Below are the Stroud Police Reports for May 31 – June 6, 2021.

Disclaimer: All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Stroud Police Reports
Latoya Faye Jones – Possession of Paraphernalia – Traffic Summons

Dedrick Lytrelle West – Driving in a Manner not Reasonable or Proper – Traffic Summons
Mac Gaines – Assault
Shimery Cushenberry – No Drivers License in Possession, No Insurance, Expired Tag, Improper Tage Display – Traffic Summons

Lacey Echelle – Expired Tag – Traffic Summons

Kendra Kirkpatrick – Municipal Warrant
Joshua Akers – 2nd Degree Burglary x 2, Larceny of Motor Vehicle, Larceny
John Han Do – Expired Tag – Traffic Summons
Carl James Cole Jr. – No Drivers License – Traffic Summons

Alvin Matt Skow – Possession of CDS x 2
Tracey Lorenza Fox – Expired Drivers License – Traffic Summons

Robert Steve McElvain – Expired Drivers License – Traffic Summons
Joshua Gilbert VanCuren – DUI, Eluding, DUS, Reckless Driving, Failure to Stop at Stop Sign, Failure to Signal