(Cushing, Okla.) Below are the Stroud Police Reports for March 12-18, 2019.

Disclaimer: All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Morgan Laney Duncan – Failure to Pay (Possession of drug paraphernalia)


Joshua Allen Gaskin – Speeding – Traffic Summons
Xavier Whitehead-McFee – Defective Equipment – Traffic Summons
Sarah Kaitlyn Mann – Pawnee County Warrant
Michael Steven Hogue – No Driver’s License, No Insurance


Gabrielle Deann Lewis – Possession of CDS, Public Intoxication (Hold for Creek County)


Steven Jiles Hildebrant – No Insurance – Traffic Summons


Tyler Quinton Hunter Craig – Transporting Open Container, Possession of CDS (Meth)
Amy Lynn Ellis – Transporting Open Container, Possession of CDS (Marijuana), Possession of Paraphernalia – Traffic Summons
Thomas Winterbottom – Speeding – Traffic Summons
Dennis Crittenden – Obtaining Cash or Merchandise by False or Bogus Check (Creek County Warrant)


Lonny Clark – Failure to Appear on Public Intoxication and Domestic Assault & Battery (Cleveland County Warrant)