By:  Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Stillwater man — on probation for possessing methamphetamine in Cushing and being a felon with a firearm — has been charged with attempting to strangle his wife at their trailer on the day before Memorial Day.

Skylar Brandon McKinney, 30, was released from the Payne County Jail Tuesday on $5,000 bond on the condition that he have no contact with his wife, court records show. McKinney has been ordered to appear in court Thursday with an attorney on the felony charge punishable on conviction by four years to life in prison, due to his criminal record.

McKinney was arrested at his trailer about 30 minutes after Stillwater Police Officer Zachary Gulick was sent there regarding a physical domestic incident in progress, court records show.

“Dispatch advised a young boy came running and crying out of the trailer in question and ran to a neighboring trailer. Dispatch stated a woman also came out of the trailer in question with a bloody mouth,” the affidavit alleged.

McKinney’s wife, who had blood on her left hand and in her mouth, initially said that her husband did not hit her — that she must have hit her hand against the wall, the affidavit said.

When the officer told her that he believed there had been a domestic incident between her and her husband “and because of that I would have to call DHS and they could take the child,” from the home, she then said they argued because her husband had not cleaned the house, but was asleep, the affidavit alleged.

She said, “during the argument, Skylar grabbed her from behind, in a type of head-lock, picked her up and threw her down on the couch,” the affidavit alleged. She said this is how she got the bloody lip, the affidavit alleged.

Her husband said he did not know how his wife got a bloody mouth and denied placing her in a headlock, the affidavit said. He said he believed his wife’s lip was bloody “because she injured herself before the police arrived,” the affidavit alleged.

Asked whether she could breathe when her husband had her in a headlock, his wife said she could not breathe for only about one second, the affidavit alleged. She said “she could not breathe when Skylar picked her up and threw her onto the couch,” the affidavit alleged.

Stillwater Police Officer Terry Low said that the boy told him the woman was holding a knife during the argument “because Skylar often beats on,” her when they argue, the affidavit alleged.

When the woman was asked if she was holding a knife for her protection during the argument, she said yes, the affidavit alleged.

Her husband had a small cut to his left pinky knuckle, the affidavit said.

According to court records, McKinney had been charged with having methamphetamine, syringes and a smoking pipe on April Fool’s Day , misdemeanor counts carrying a maximum penalty of two years in jail on conviction.

Three years ago when McKinney lived in Yale, he was given a six-month jail term for methamphetamine possession in Cushing and being a felon with a firearm in 2015 — followed by nine and one-half years of probation, with an order to enroll in and successfully complete the Payne County Drug Court program which he finished in May of 2018.

Five years ago when McKinney lived in Yale, he was given a seven-year suspended sentence except for 90 days in jail for endeavoring to manufacture methamphetamine in 2013. Two years later, McKinney was found in violation of his probation, which was revoked to a concurrent six-month jail term in 2016, court records show.