By Patti Weaver
(Stillwater, Okla.) — A 31-year-old Stillwater man, who said he has been using opiates since he was 13 and overdosed at least 20 times, has been given a 10-year prison term for trafficking fentanyl, with a concurrent seven-year sentence for possessing heroin with intent to distribute.
    Sean Michael Keller Nelson II, who pleaded guilty to both charges last week, had $2,750 worth of drugs at his residence on April 27, Stillwater Police Detective Josh Carson wrote in an affidavit. Nelson had just injected heroin before police arrived to serve a search warrant, the affidavit said.
    At his Aug. 27 sentencing, District Judge Phillip Corley told him, “Mr. Nelson, I’ve known you since you were 10 years old. You’ve ruined your life. You’re lucky you’ve survived.” The judge previously had Nelson in Drug Court and recommended that he be given long-term treatment in prison.
    “A total of 5.9 grams of fentanyl was seized along with 5.5 grams of heroin. It should be noted a small amount of fentanyl is deadly. Fentanyl is usually sold in ‘points’ which is 1/10th of a gram,” the detective’s affidavit said.
    “Sean told me he had heroin and fentanyl on his person. I searched Sean’s person and found a prescription container with a powder substance believed to be fentanyl in his pants pocket, heroin, and $127 cash in different denominations. Sean told me he did not have a job…it was obvious the money was proceeds from drug sales,” the detective wrote in his affidavit.
    The next day in jail, “Sean told me he sells heroin and fentanyl to support his habit and knows how dangerous fentanyl is. Sean told me he sells fentanyl for $40 a ‘point,"” the detective wrote in his affidavit.
    Nelson has a history of domestic violence, drug possession and burglaries, according to Payne County court records and the state Department of Corrections. Nelson had been released from prison to probation in May of 2012 when he completed the Bill Johnson Drug Offender Work Camp, DOC records show.