By Patti Weaver


  (Stillwater, Okla.)  — An arrest warrant has been issued for a Stillwater man accused of embezzling a MacBook Air laptop computer valued at $1,679.58 and pawning it the same day for $450 in Stillwater.
    If convicted of embezzling the rented laptop and failing to return it, but instead selling it to a pawnshop, Blake Matthew Hale, 23, could be given as much as a two-year prison term and a $5,000 fine, according to the felony charge filed last week.
    Stillwater Police Officer Rachel Bruce took a report on Nov. 6 from the Rent-A-Center manager, who “believed a customer had rented several items and pawned them,” in Stillwater, an affidavit alleged.
    The Rent-A-Center manager said “a customer named Blake Hale had not payments on or returned property he had rented to the store,” which tried to recover the items by going to Hale’s residence, but found he no longer lived there, the affidavit alleged.
    The Rent-A-Center manager said that he had spoken to Hale’s previous roommate, “who told him Hale had pawned the items,” the affidavit alleged.
    During an investigation, the officer learned that Hale had rented the laptop computer on July 22 and pawned it on the same day, the affidavit alleged.

    “On the pawn ticket, Hale pledged to have owned the laptop for six months,” the affidavit alleged.