(Stillwater, Okla.) A Stillwater man, who reportedly was addicted to heroin, has been ordered to appear in court Friday on a felony charge of conspiring to commit an armed robbery with a loaded gun at Razook’s Pharmacy – that was allegedly prevented by Stillwater Police Officer Shawn Millermon arresting him.


Cameron Ray Cox, 22, who had previously admitted to possessing methadone in Stillwater and Xanax in Broken Arrow, has also been charged with possessing a .380 caliber pistol while on probation. Cox remains in the Payne County Jail on $50,000 bail, court records show.


According to an affidavit filed today, the Stillwater officer was sent at 8:50 a.m. on Nov. 5 to Razook’s Drug at 1518 W. 9th Avenue on a report of a white male “with an orange ski mask and gloves acting suspicious on the east side of the building.”


The officer contacted Cox walking around the front doors to the south side of the building and noticed “a bulge near his left pocket of his jacket,” Millermon alleged in his affidavit.


“I asked Cameron if he had any weapons on him. Cameron stated he had a pistol in his left coat pocket and did not have a permit for it.


“I immediately grabbed Cameron’s left arm and placed him in handcuffs,” before retrieving a black semi-automatic pistol from his pocket, the officer alleged in his affidavit.


“I had Cameron sit on the curb while I rendered the weapon safe. I released the magazine that was loaded with four rounds of .380 acp and one round in the chamber.


“Cameron stated he had it because he likes to shoot on his property on Cottonwood Road.


“While speaking with Cameron, I was advised by Sgt. Stephens that the blue SUV Cameron was seen getting into was running and backed into a space on the northeast side of the pharmacy,” the officer wrote in his affidavit.


When the suspect asked why he was being detained, the officer told him that it appeared “he was about to rob the pharmacy since he was seen with a ski mask over his face, a loaded handgun in his pocket and his car backed into a spot and running.


“Cameron stated he never had it pulled over his face and was not going to rob anybody. Cameron stated that he was looking for soy lecithin at Razook’s and Charlie’s Drug.


“I checked Cameron for warrants and he had a $100,000 warrant out of Tulsa County.


“I was advised Cameron was on video walking up to the store with his mask over his face.


“Cameron was placed under arrest for the warrant pending charges on the robbery,” the officer wrote in his affidavit.


The officer then watched video of the suspect outside Razook’s and inside Charlie’s Drug that same morning, the affidavit alleged.


The officer also spoke to the suspect’s fiancee since her car was used in the alleged crime, the affidavit said.


His fiancee said that she was pregnant with his baby and they had a fight the previous night, the affidavit alleged.


She also said “Cameron was a recovering heroin addict and has relapsed approximately nine times that she knew of,” the affidavit alleged.


She said “she had no idea Cameron was going to try and rob a pharmacy,” the affidavit alleged.


The officer said he told the suspect’s fiancee that he believed the suspect had taken a narcotic, the affidavit said.


When the suspect was interviewed at the Stillwater City Jail that afternoon, “Cameron did admit his plan this morning was to rob Razook’s and Charlie’s Drug for OxyContin 30s,” the affidavit alleged.


“Cameron stated he first attempted to rob Charlie’s, but he frequents that particular drug store for his personal items.


“Cameron stated he changed his mind about robbing Charlie’s because he does frequent the pharmacy and likes the people there.


“Cameron stated he left and then went back to Razook’s and was contemplating robbing it when I contacted him.


“Cameron stated he was contacted by an ‘old friend’ that he apparently owed a favor to.


“Cameron stated the old friend told him he needed to get him an undisclosed amount of OxyContin 30s or he would shoot Cameron’s fiancee who is also pregnant with Cameron’s child.


“Cameron stated he was specifically told to go to that area to get the OxyContin. Cameron (Cox) was adamant that we document his cooperation in this matter,” the affidavit alleged.


According to court records, three and one-half years ago, Cox was charged with possessing methadone and marijuana in Stillwater, along with drug paraphernalia including a pill bottle containing Ecstasy, to which he pleaded guilty.


In that Payne County drug case, two years ago Cox was given a 90-day jail term as a condition of a five-year deferred sentence, with an order to have evaluations for substance abuse and mental health, follow any recommendations, continue counseling, undergo random drug tests, and pay the cost of his incarceration as well as $1,250 in fines and assessments.


Eight months after he was placed on probation in his Stillwater drug case, Cox was charged with unauthorized use of a Jeep, possession of Xanax, leaving the scene of a collision in which the Jeep caused damage to a house, obstructing an officer and drunk driving, all in July 2014 in Broken Arrow.

Ten months ago, Cox pleaded guilty to those charges in Tulsa County and was placed on probation under a three-year deferred sentence, but a bench warrant was issued for his arrest four months later when he failed to appear for a Drug Court review, court records show.


In his current case in Payne County, Cox could be sentenced to five years to life in prison if convicted of endeavoring or conspiring to commit robbery of a pharmacy with a firearm.


If convicted of the additional count in Payne County of possession a firearm while on probation, Cox could be given as much as a 10-year prison term.