By: Patti Weaver

(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Stillwater man and woman — arrested by Yale police — have been jailed on charges of trafficking methamphetamine pending Dec.7 court appearances when they seek preliminary hearings.

Eric Dean Hambrick, 23, also accused of misdemeanor counts of driving under suspension and obstructing Yale Police Officer Jerry Haley, remains held on $100,000 bail.

His passenger, Jessica Sue Glover, 36, also known by the surname of Verreras, remains held on $50,000 bail.

The pair were arrested on Nov. 7 after the Yale officer attempted a traffic stop for an expired license tag, Haley’s affidavit alleged.

When the driver began to pull into a parking spot, “Hambrick opened his door while the vehicle was still in motion and fled,” Haley’s affidavit alleged.

“While running, the driver did turn around and look at me, and I recognized him as Eric Hambrick,” who was later arrested after Yale Police Officer Floyd Matheny found him lying in a shed, Halley alleged in his affidavit.

Blue pills, a fountain drink container, and a measuring spoon with residue — all field-tested positive for methamphetamine — were found in their car after Officer Matheny’s K-nine had a positive alert, the affidavit alleged.

Glover, the passenger, was arrested after she said the drink container and the bag of blue pills she called breath mints were hers, since they both tested positive for methamphetamine, the affidavit alleged.

“An eye witness stated to off-duty Officer Harris that they observed the female passenger go over to the storm drain with a bag,” near Chicago Street where a backpack was found stuffed under the edge of the drain, the affidavit alleged.

Three cards with Hambrick’s name were found in the bag along with a scale, two hypodermic needles and a vial with a clear llquid that field-tested as methamphetamine, the affidavit alleged.

If convicted of drug trafficking, the pair could be given a prison term of 10 years to life, court records show.