A brief, but poignant, dedication service was held Sunday in the George R. Smith, M.D. Memorial Chapel at Cushing Regional Hospital.

Those participating in the service were: Lee Roy Kalka, CRH Foundation president, Rev. Ted Uhlig, First United Methodist Church, Pastor Kevin Clouse, First Church of God, Pastor David Helmer, Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, Rev. Michael Murray, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Pastor Dan Wilson, CRH Chaplin, Denise Kinzie,vocalist, Holly Tichenor, accompanist and Randy DuBois, CRH CEO.

The service was well attended by its donors and many members of the community. Seating in the Chapel was limited, therefore it was reserved for all the donors who made the Chapel a reality.

As most know by now, the chapel began as a dream of Ms. Lynda Smith. It was her desire to furnish the hospital a place for people to go to pray or meditate. Her husband, the late Dr. George R. Smith, believed in the importance of healing both body and spirit.

As the community was made aware of Lynda’s vision, support came from many.

Those donors include:

Ms. Lynda Smith and Family, Dr. Danny and Betsy Smith, Randy and Alison Smith, Linda and Nick Anderson, Carma and Jim Bowyer, Ms. Haleigh Carothers, Cushing Regional Hospital Auxiliary, Carson Foundation, Mary Cochran and the late Frank Cochran (in memory of Hayley McCarty), Steve and Debbie Cochran (in memory of Hayley McCarty and Frank Cochran), Edd and Marianne Cochran (in memory of Hayley McCarty and Frank Cochran), Wayne and Kaye Corprew (in memory of Hayley McCarty and Frank Cochran), Jimmie R. and Sarah Dooley, Ms. Marilyn Duff, John C. and Pat Fechner, Jr., Andy and Nancy Franklin, Dr. Rober and Marian Gilkerson, Tom Howenstine, Bradley and Julia Howser, Kenneth and Kama Martin & families, Rick and Connie Patterson, Ms. Stacy Pendergraff, Jim and Barbara Roll, Tom Sosbee, Thrivent Association for Lutherans, Dan and Jane Wilson and Ms. Bernie Woodard.

The words to the song* performed by Denise Kinzie seemed to express the feeling in the room as it was dedicated to those who may enter its doors:

“In this very room there’s quite enough love for all the world,

And in this very room there’s quite enough joy for all the world,

And there’s quite enough hope and quite enough power to chase away any gloom…”

*In This Very Room

Words and Music by Ron Harris