KUSH Business Spotlight

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bobby Welcomes Mr. Tony Vaughn and SERTCO Industries, Inc. to the KUSH Spotlight Business Hour! 

SERTCO’S main office and factory is located in Okemah, Oklahoma and employs 45 to 50 people on an ongoing basis.  Tony’s SERTCO office and shop is located here in Cushing and provides both their products and services on a regional level.  

SERTCO has several divisions, beginning with Aerospace.  That division began operations in 1979.  They were among the first to utilize automatic vertical milling machines in the aerospace industry.  They continue to utilize the state-of-the-art machines to ensure their customer’s needs are met with regard to design, specifications and schedules.  

Their High Performance Division was initiated in 1984; they utilized their expertise and manufacturing process to build a much improved engine cylinder in the high performance motorcycle racing arena.  They also developed a shock absorbing sprocket that reduces transmission and chain breakage.  These parts and products are still available today and are being sold and distributed worldwide.  

The Compressor Division came to be in 1997.  Here again they utilized their expertise and experience from their other successful divisions (Aerospace and High Performance) to develop a reciprocating natural gas compressor.  Tony explained that as wells deplete, liquid loading can create huge production losses.  Most often, the utilization of the SERTCO wellhead compressor will improve gas production.  This unit has major advantages over other models by the utilization of the 5.7 liter Chevrolet motor (350).  These units are being utilized in many locations in the United States.  This unit is also sold and serviced in Europe and other countries, with all the manufacturing still being accomplished right here in Okemah, Oklahoma. The maintenance and servicing of these units is completed in the States by SERTCO employees or contractors, while the units outside our country are being maintained by contract companies.  The 350 Model is very light and can be moved very easily with a half ton truck.  The 350 Model can also be skid mounted as well.  With this advantage of portability, the unit can be up and running in very little time and assist with gas production in a very efficient manner.   The portability just can’t be beat! 

Tony has these units available in Cushing for viewing and/or to purchase and they can be delivered in a very short amount of time.  If you are interested in the equipment, Tony can also arrange a factory tour in Okemah.

You know folks, with our economy struggling and jobs being hard to come by at this point in time, it’s very satisfying and comforting to know that these units, which are top quality, are being manufactured here in Oklahoma.   

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Tony Vaughn;

Tony Vaughn, Vice-President of Sales,    Email – [email protected]

Office – 918-623-0526,      2600 N. Little Avenue

Mobile – 918-630-6799     Cushing, OK 74023