Hollywood Nitz owner Pamela Bayhylle is multi-faceted.  She’s a

business owner, a ghost story writer and even offers telephone service for

the underprivileged.

A week in the life of the third KUSH girl allows me to have an enormous amount of fun. Joining me on the Business Spotlight were my guests Pamela Bayhylle and Jeff Nash of the original Hollywood Nitz and – boy did we have fun!

Get me talking about movies and there is no stopping me. Movies are a big part of my life. They can have a huge impact on our lives in so many ways. Of course they can scare you, crack you up, keep you on the edge of your seat., and yes from time to time I love a good lighthearted comedy. Two of my favorites are, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days”, and, “The Devil wears Prada”. Personally, I prefer serious movies, some based on a true story. I like movies that are controversial, such as “Dead Man Walking,”Lorenzo’s Oil”,  or “Hard Candy”. And the newest releases, Grand Torino, International, Gospel Hill, and the Changeling, I rate all 5 stars or better.  If you haven’t seen all of these, I would definitely recommend that you do.   These movie have the ability to inspire you in a big way and in a positive way. They connect people, create compassion, inform and sometimes can have a big effect on your life.

Ok, so who’s this story about, anyways? Hollywood Nitz has a new location. 505 N. Cleveland, right off Main St. You can call them at (918)285-5274 They have movies for sale or rent. Pam says if they do not have a movie you want to rent or buy, they can probably get it for you, so always ask…

Hollywood Nitz has a special on Monday night – it’s only $1.30 to rent any movie for 2 days. Please remember to bring it back or you will be charged regular price until you do.

Audio, movies, data, all types of discs may also be taken to Hollywood Nitz for repair. The collection at Hollywood Nitz is growing, and as more movies become available, Pam say they will do their best to get them for their customers.. Pam said she and a friend are planning on painting the yellow brick road at the entrance inside the video store.

She talked about her day job, home health, then added in her spare time, she writes ghost stories. In fact, you can go to www.prairieghosts.com/areareps.html to find her stories.  You may have to enter her name in the search.

I’ve found that this town has many artists, authors, photographers as well as other talented, gifted and wonderful people and Pamela Bayhaylle is yet another. 

 I urge everyone to support your family owned and operated businesses.

Oh, and if you stop by Hollywood Nitz any Monday and tell Pam or one of her employees that you heard or read this on the KUSH then you will receive a free movie!!

So, just do it.

Try Local First! Thanks, guys for coming on the show. It was fun!