Cushing native, Stephanie Poole was very nice to agree to an interview on very short notice. With the upcoming February 14th celebration of 40 years for Central Tech, I am sure she had plenty to do. However, here she was, beautiful as ever, with a great big gorgeous smile, and plenty of energy. We had to have a little fun with Stephanie and she was more than willing to suffer our playful antics. We all agreed Stephanie is one of the prettiest ladies in the Cimarron Valley, so we crowned her with a KUSH girl tiara, and we sang while she waved and posed for pictures. What a sport. This was a very enjoyable interview. Central Tech has provided training, skills, hope and a future to many young people and many of all ages.

It is hard to believe it has already been 40 years since the opening of Central Tech in Drumright. The vocational school was pretty new at the time my mother attended. The trucking facility was in the process of being constructed and we were living in what we called the Vo-Tech apartments, south of the campus. My mother had four children to provide for and business classes would enable her to get a higher paying job. Years later, after high school, I attended Central Tech as well, taking the same business classes. And at a later time in my life, I took some drawing classes. It was fun and I met some great people in the class. In the two years of full time classes, the staff, teachers, counselors and system were pivotal to my success in obtaining funding for classes I could not afford, getting a great job, and for giving me a hope and confidence in good people and myself. Since this story is not about me, I will move on, However, I am I very thankful for my experiences at Central Tech.

Sunday February 14th, beginning at 1-pm, Central Tech will be celebrating the 40th anniversary with a lot of fun activities, attractions and and prizes on both campuses at Drumright and at Sapulpa. It might be a good idea to start with the VIP booth, where you will sign in. There will be special recognition for former staff, board members, teachers, advisory committee members, Entrepreneurs of the year, NTHS, retirees, state & national winners, alumni and also a add your testimony in the history time line. Each class will have exhibits and activities. There will be performances thought the day by local talent. There will be plenty of food vendors and prizes. The grand prize of the day is a big smoker, built by the welding class. A clown, a magician, games and inflatables and a rock climbers wall for kids. In the middle of it all, 2 pm, at the celebration table they will be giving away the official Anniversary cookies.

There will be a free health fair, you can give blood, have your vital signs checked, get a chair massages, your hands hot waxed, see a CPR demonstration, vision screening, play operation games, ooh, now we’re talking..check your body fat index, and if that all doesn’t excite you…you can move on over to the robotics, see titan tank bottles, see a foggy laser light show put to music…well, don’t stop there…enter a nail driving or pipe bending contest, lift fingerprints, see the BIG rigs on display, find the meaning of your name, take a ride in the bucket truck, see cake decorating, or a K-9 unit demonstration, photography displays, hurry…don’t miss, the cosmetology department is cyber imaging, where you can preview a new hairstyle or cut. See a motorcycle and a car show, a ping-pong ball launch, an electrifying Van DE Graph, simulate microscopic surgery, and if you have time, virtual knee surgery, and OFF to win a Valentine’s flower arrangement or gift basket OR, a bird or dog house, glucometer stethoscope, I’ve always wanted one of thingamajigs, tuition waiver, now wertalkinginmall shelf or cabinet,web and video tips and tricks,Kicker products,wheelbarrow planters….whew!!!

OK, for any more information you’ll have to go to I can assure you, it will be a day to spend with your friends, family, and/or kids and take part in a part in a celebration of successful learning learning, sharing, excitement and above all thankfulness. Thank you Stephanie Poole. It must be very rewarding to work in an environment that has so much to offer society, on every level, in so many ways. Central Tech offers, elevation, education, and personal empowerment. I hope you’ll come back to KUSH, wear your crown and share with us all the exciting news and projects of Central Tech.