Emotions ran the gamut Tuesday, June 8th, as KUSH Sales Manager and “KUSH Girl” Angie Vaughn went from irritated and disappointed to surprised and happy as family and friends “pulled one over” on their favorite blonde in honor of her 50th birthday.

Unbeknownst to the birthday girl, her siblings and her husband, Tony had planned a dinner party in her honor and had done everything necessary- including a host of little white lies and numerous delays – to keep it a big surprise.

Irritation at the thought of “just one more delay” had obviously set in as her sister-in-law urged her to look into a room (at a restaurant other than her believed destination) to “check out the people in here.”

Horns blew as Angie stormed in to see what it was that was so interesting that her dinner date needed to be delayed….again.

Apparently in a bit of shock, she looked around.  “Wow!  All the people I care about are here,” she said happily.

Then… as the surprise soaked in, a sheepish smile came across her face…”Man, I owe Tony an apology.”

Happy 50th Angie!