Sorry Folks, I am so behind on my Business Spotlight, follow up stories. Since the last entry on the BS page we have had several wonderful guests. However I am trying to keep them in order. Please e mail me with your question, comments and latest gossip …at [email protected] I want to say again, that wSoe at KUSH so much enjoy these interviews. Getting to know who you are and all the details of your business and then some has been enlightening and very enjoyable.

The Business Spotlight welcomes Jennifer Quinn owner/operator of All That Embroidery.

Jennifer Quinn came bearing gifts. That’s always so much fun for us at KUSH. We Love it! You will see me on the golf course sporting my new pink golf hat with her logo All That Embroidery. You will also see around town sporting my new white hoodie with the very nicely done airbrushed KUSH logo.
Jennifer Quinn is very good at what she does. All That Embroidery is located at 200 S. Pennsylvania in Drumright, inside Dons Classic Cars & Towing, formerly known locally as Busby Tires. Jennifer and her husband Don grew up in the area and they have 2 daughters, Patricia 10 and Sierra 14. She brought a box full of samples of her work and I really wish Ya’ll could have seen them. She had everything from hats, purses, jackets, pants. She said she can embroider on anything that is hoopable. She does a fantastic job at embroidery, some of her airbrushing is done free handed. She is very artistic. She is working in conjunction with Mystic Moon who does some of her screen printing, digital imaging and airbrushing. If you go to her website you can view her work and some of the work done by Mystic Moon. I complemented Jennifer on her web site, she did it herself and it is really good. If you have any questions you wan to ask Jennifer Quinn you can call her at (918)352-0003 or e mail her at [email protected] .
Right now she has a gorgeous quality leather purse, lined with a
leopard print, for sale for $50.00 and she will put on the purse what ever you want for free. She is also having an awesome hat sale. $4.99 for a minimum order of 150. I am sooo hooked on customizing my wardrobe. It is so fun to have my name or a Cushing Tiger, or a pretty flower on something.

And another thing that Jennifer does is rhinestone and stud setting, so you can add some bling to just about anything. I just love Jennifer and I know you will too.

Drop by and meet Jennifer.

You know my motto, support your local businesses. The mom & pops. She has only been open since January, so please, get the word out, give her a chance, I know you will just love her work!