Every year Cushing students look forward to participating in the Special Olympics – and this year is certainly no exception.  Cushing Firefighters Union Local 2565 recently donated $250 to help make that possible.

Lt. Derek Griffith and Firefighter Jeremy Willman met with Caroline Wiedey’s class Monday where they received a special thanks from the kids they wanted to help.  The students presented the firefighters a special card they had made to say thank you.


“We like being able to help,” Griffith said.  “The union makes donations to various things in the community throughout the year.”

Ms. Wiedey said the Special Olympics is very important to her special needs students.  “It means everything to these kids,” Wiedey said.  “It is highly motivating to them.  They learn independence and how to win and lose.”

Wiedey said the estimated cost to attend Special Olympics events is approximately $100 per person and the number of students plus peers attending from Cushing is around 30.  She went on to say how appreciative they are of donations from the public.

“We are so thankful to those who help make it possible for these kids to attend,” Wiedey said.

While there are several Special Olympic sporting events – including one in Cushing – the three day Special Olympics event at OSU will be held May 12th, 13th and 14th.  Anyone interested in making a donation can contact Caroline Wiedey at (918) 225-6036.