The Cushing Genealogical Society will have a special meeting January 4, 2010 at 6:30 pm in the Cushing Public Library Auditorium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Society.

Everyone is invited to attend.


On January 15, 1990, approximately 40 people met at the Cushing Public Library to form an area genealogical society.

1990 Officers elected with Carolyn Clark, President; Nelwyne Berry, Vice-President;  Lisa Lofton, Secretary; Esther Carter, Treasurer and Patti Brandle, Corresponding Secretary.


Current officers for 2010 are Ruth Ann Johnson, President; Carolyn Allison, Vice-President; Esther Carter, Treasurer; Lola Marshall, Secretary; Mary Ruth Widener, Corresponding Secretary and Debra Harmon, Query Secretary.


If additional information is needed, please contact Carolyn Allison 225-4796.