OK! I did overhear something about Donna Sue going to Wichita early Friday. I was still totally expecting to hear our Molly, as I stumbled into the bathroom, 7am (am I the only one who listens to them in the shower?) I waited..and waited… till 7:35 no Molly..no Donna..and on comes a variety of what Sean must’ve compiled as the greatest hits of the D & M Show. So I get to the station to do the Business Spotlight and it hits me..full impact …I realize, I could’ve taken the day off too??? AND, then to humiliate me even more, I’m told my paycheck was ready….YESTERDAY!!! Now, how many of you get so wrapped up in the excitement of your jobs, that you miss an opportunity for a day off and an early paycheck? I reeeally am excited about our rodeo tab. Am I messed up? True Story! So Pray for me!!

 The Business Spotlight Show went on, as scheduled, LIVE, and promising technological glory, with my guests from Mind Trip’s, Linda Crane, “The Computer Lady.” Her sister, Sue McQuillan, (former owner of Downtown Furniture), came with her and said she did not want to talk, live, on the air, and pretty much did just that. Still, you will find Sue at Mind Trip’ – usually in the evenings – a little more talkative.

 Linda Crane is the owner/operator of Mind Trips, located downtown on the corner of Broadway & Harrison (124 W. Broadway to be exact) – where the old City Drug used to be. When she first opened in August of 2004, there were some negative comments around town. People were asking, “what is Mind Trips and what are those kids doing hanging around out front, dressed  like they were from God forbid, New York City or something?”( I love NY by the way)

Well you will be glad to know, both the standards and securities are extremely high for all the kids and all that is allowed to transpire at the Internet CafĂ©, Mind Trips. Linda Crane says, “I can see everything that they can see on their monitors”!  This is a safe zone for kids and a haven to be with their friends, meet others, and enjoy youthful internet activities in a respectful way.”
 And yes, an opportunity to display a full array of their “expressive youthful fashion.”  It is also a place for kids to rest, relax, and stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter. On the walls inside, are the codes of conduct and the rules that are expected to be strictly adhered to, or else…you will have to face Linda Crane! She said she has had very rare incidents when someone just refused to comply; only two have ever been permanently excused from the premises.

Linda, in my opinion, has a gift with kids and a passion for what she brings to the community. She says the best things about her business are the “picket fence chats” at the counter, celebrating a new level in-game, and just watching the “kids” grow up.  Computer food is served – pizzas, sandwiches, burritos and lots more.

(I’ll bet you would love for me hurry up and get technical….you know the part where Linda the computer Lady addresses your computer repair issues?)

 I will tell you, she did mention AVG and some of the free antivirus programs available on-line, and yes, she did say, they were just as good as the ones you pay for like Norton. She strongly advised us to not only install a good and reputable anti virus program, but also for goodness sakes run them daily and better yet, program them to run automatically at a time when you will be away from your computer. She says stay out of these programs that are notorious for viruses – lime-wire, bear share, napster.

 Linda also said the new operating system Windows 7 is due out in November and will be glad to update your computer. Her prices are very reasonable; I myself am already putting her on the books! She sells computers and all the accessories, new and used. She repairs computers; she programs them, makes house calls, and is only a phone call away to keeping you up and running or answering questions. (918) 225-9991.

At Mind Trips, you can also send faxes, scan, check e-mails, and lot’s more techno stuff. Linda says the population of adults coming to Mind Trips has hugely increasing in the last year. You are never too old to learn how to use a computer and Mind Trips is a great place to get assistance for project you are not quite sure of where to begin. It may just be my new latest hangout…No doubt about it; I do have computer issues…OK, I can hear her now… Molly would say, “Yes, she’s challenged all right”!

 Thanks girls for coming on the show. I will be seeing you, soon, I am sure.