(Cushing, Okla.) Today’s Lions Club meeting got underway at 12:13 pm (Tuesday, November 13th, 2015). On hand to conduct the meeting was Lion and President Russ Thurman. Thurman called on Lion Jerry Snyder to lead us in the song and in pledge which was followed by a request for prayers and the prayer which was led by President Thurman.


Guest Brian Fechner attended today’s meeting with his dad, Lion John Fechner of Fechner Pump and Supply, Inc.


Following introductions Lion Buck Blake visited with fellow Lions about Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) which included what he thought to be the approximate number of women who were once a WASP (1,102) and the approximate number that now are left/living (120). Some of the jobs assigned to these women flying for the U.S. military and volunteering as civilian pilots in an experimental Army Air Corp program which was designed to see if women could serve as pilots and relieve men for overseas duty.


RN Sammy Williams, Program Director for Senior Life Solutions at the Drumright Hospital, spoke about Late – Life Depression (which is a treatable illness). Williams informed the group in regards to symptoms which can range from trouble sleeping, early morning awakening, or oversleeping to having thoughts of death and suicide, the causes of depression can result from biological, genetic, and environmental factors, and treatments begin with a physical examination followed by a diagnostic evaluation for depression usually followed by use medication and/or counseling. Williams ask that we pay attention to those folks that live alone or have suffered a loss because they are the ones most at risk. If you or someone you know over 65 and is in need of more information go to https://drumrighthospital.com/Medical-Services/Senior-Life-Solutions.aspx or call 918-382-2317.


All Lions are encouraged to get their flu shots which consist of a virus that is not alive. However, if you use the nasal spray flu vaccination it is made up of the live flu virus.


Club members were thanked for that they do and Veterans were thanked for their service.


Mayor Terry Brannon then reported to club on the first ever Cushing Pride (a clean-up project) that had 77 people volunteered when the event launched this past Saturday, November 14th, 2015. The group was able to complete 4 projects throughout Cushing which included the median in front of Walmart.Brannon thanked the following sponsor’s: Enbridge Energy, Republic Services, Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), and Fechner Pump & Supply, Inc. Each of these sponsors made supplies available in the way of gloves, trash bags, or safety vests.


The 50/50 drawing brought in $8.50 to the club and $8.50 to Lion Buck Blake today’s lucky winner.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:53 pm.


Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon in the Lion’s Den in downtown Cushing.


For more information about Lions Club International https://www.lcif.org