By Patti Weaver


  (Stillwater, Okla.)  — A 21-year-old man, who had about $5,000 worth of drugs including ecstasy and Xanax in his bedroom at a rural Perkins house, has been given a 10-year prison term for drug trafficking.
    Kayin Hunter Mizell, who now lists an Edmond address, was sentenced on Nov. 16 on his guilty plea to drug trafficking as well as possessing LSD and cocaine with intent to distribute, for which he received a concurrent seven-year prison term from Payne County Associate District Judge Stephen Kistler.
    Mizell, who has a 10th grade education, “admitted to selling narcotics for approximately two years,” at the time of his arrest with his girlfriend in March, Stillwater Police Officer Brett Moore wrote in an affidavit.
    Mizell’s girlfriend, Kayetlin Ray, 20, now of Stillwater, “admitted to being a middle-man for selling narcotics to people she works with,” Stillwater Police Officer Adam Elliott wrote in an affidavit. When she pleaded guilty in July to possessing ecstasy, cocaine and Xanax with intent to distribute, Ray was ordered to enroll in and successfully complete the Payne County Drug Court program.
    If Ray completes Drug Court, her drug charge will be dropped, but if she fails to do so, the prosecutor will recommend she be given a four-year prison term at her Oct. 7, 2022, sentencing before District Judge Phillip Corley, court records show.
    The couple came to the attention of the Stillwater Police Department’s Special Projects Unit, which was conducting surveillance on a known drug apartment in the 300 block of E. McElroy on March 12 about 4 pm when a vehicle pulled up, a man left the apartment, got into the vehicle’s backseat, and then returned to the apartment, an affidavit said.
    “The vehicle immediately left the area,” and pulled into a fast-food parking lot while Stillwater Police Officer Brett Moore watched for 20 minutes, but no one got out or came to the car.
    “As I was approaching the vehicle, I observed the driver making furtive movements toward the center console area,” where Mizell moved a tray with marijuana and rolling papers, Moore wrote in his affidavit.
    “I tapped on the window and the driver, Kayin Mizell, rolled the window down. Kayin was holding a rolled marijuana blunt in his right hand. I asked Kayin if he had a driver’s license or marijuana card. Kayin stated, “I left them both at home,” Moore wrote in his affidavit.
    “While I was speaking to Kayin, Detective Carson informed me he could see a mirror with cocaine residue in the backseat,” Moore wrote in his affidavit.
    “I observed a black Adidas fanny pack in the backseat floorboard,” which had numerous pre-packaged bags of ecstasy and Xanax,” Moore wrote in his affidavit.
    After arresting Mizell, “I continued to search the vehicle and found a large plastic baggy containing a white powdery substance I believe to be cocaine in the driver’s door. In Kayin’s wallet I located folded aluminum foil,” containing 10 hits of LSD, Moore wrote in his affidavit. “Additional cocaine was located inside the vehicle, as well as working digital scale,” the affidavit said.
    When Stillwater Police Officer Elliott searched the front passenger seat, Mizell’s girlfriend’s wallet “was found in the map pocket of the door,” and had a baggy with about 1.3 grams of cocaine and a dollar bill rolled up with cocaine residue, the affidavit said. Elliott wrote in his affidavit that he heard her tell Detective Carson “she uses cocaine while at work due to working long hours.”
    After a search warrant was obtained for the couple’s rural Perkins residence where they stayed upstairs, Stillwater Police Detective Josh Carson wrote, “I observed Xanax tablets and ecstasy tablets in plain view,” on the dresser and bed.
    “Upon a search of the room, 137 pre-packaged ecstasy tablets were located along with approximately 250 Xanax tablets,” worth a total of about $5,000, Carson wrote in his affidavit.