(Stillwater, Okla.) — Bomb threats at the Stillwater Junior High School this week and the Stillwater Middle School last week both appear to be hoaxes that remain under investigation, Stillwater Police Captain Kyle Gibbs said in a news release today.

On Monday at about 1:40 p.m., “Several students reported finding a bomb threat message written on a bathroom wall at the Stillwater Junior High School,” the news release said.

“School administrators initiated their shelter-in-place response plan for students and staff,” while a preliminary search of the entire school was conducted by police and school staff, the news release said. “The police department does not consider this to be a credible threat,” but instead a copycat to one that was made at the Stillwater Middle School on April 9, the news release said.

“At the time of the middle school incident, Stillwater PD was contacted by FLIR Systems, Inc., a company specializing in explosives trace detection technology,” which volunteered equipment and personnel to assist in searching and testing at the middle school, the news release said.

In the incident Monday at the junior high school, FLIR Systems was called upon and provided their equipment and personnel again, the news release said.

“The more in-depth searching and testing took place after students were released for the day,” the news release said.

Also, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad checked the junior high with bomb dogs during the evening after students were released for the day – nothing was found, the news release said.

On Tuesday morning, the Stillwater Police Department had extra officers on site at the junior high school “to ensure an orderly, safe school experience,” the news release said.

“Making bomb threats is a felony. Investigations are underway in each of these incidents to identify the persons responsible,” the news release said.

Anyone with any information about the Stillwater Middle School and the Stillwater Junior High School bomb threats is asked to call the Stillwater Police Department at (405) 372-4171, the news release said.