The Cushing Board of Education will meet tonight at 7 o’clock in the Cushing Public Schools Administration Offices Board Room, located at 1401 N. Little.

Agenda items include the approval of the following encumbrances:
General Fund #11: 2009-2010 in the amount of $8,455,578.48; CoOp Fund #12: 2009-2010 in the amount of $3,087.60; Child Nutrition Fund #22: 2009-2010 in the amount of $335,967.89; and the Technology Bond Fund #33: 2009-2010 in the amount of #171,605.09 for a total of $8,966,239.06.

Board member will also be hearing from Chuck Crooks, CBEW, regarding the 2008-2009 audit and the estimate of needs for 2009-2010.

Other items:  Consideration and possible action on hiring Boynton-Williams & Associates as architects for the softball/baseball at Cushing High School, consideration and possible action on school participation in the Senior Community Service Employment Program through the National Indian Council On Aging, Inc. and consideration and possible action on the revision of Policy CKDA – tobacco use prohibited.

In executive session board members will vote to approve/disapprove the resignations of Marvin Purvis, Custodian and Billie Hess, CMS teacher and the possible employment of the following:Wesley Spears, electrician apprentice, maintenance; Sarah Dowell, Title I teacher assistant, Sunnyside; Kristen Cooper, teacher assistant, Harmony; Susan Shock, teacher assistant, Deep Rock; Sue Hoffman, teacher assistant, Sunnyside; Sheila Brown, kindergarten, Harmony (temporary teacher); Rhonda Griffith, teacher assistant, Harmony; Cynthia McCullough, teacher assistant, Harmony; Anita Morris, Title I, teacher assistant, Harmony; Terrie Williams, teacher assistant, Harmony; Beverly Darling, teacher assistant, Wilson; Mallory Means, teacher assistant, Wilson; Larry McFarlin, custodian (probationary); and Dusty Richerson, LD, Cushing Middle School (temporary teacher).

Following executive session the board will return to open session to vote to approve/disapprove the executive session items.

The meeting is open to the public.