(Drumright, Okla.)  “We’ve lost over 150 homes in Creek County,” says Danny Cooper, Drumright’s City Manager.  “These are people who have lost everything.  And we have the most acreage per capita burned vs. other ares.  That puts a strain on all of the area towns and fire department’s resources for water, shelter, clothing and fire fighting equipment.”

“For example,” said Cooper, “we had two brush trucks and volunteer firemen from Blackburn fighting fires in the Drumright area for 3-4 days straight.  On the way home for a brief respite, both trucks broke down and now they’re without help or resources there.”

“Many of the small towns around Drumright rely on us for leadership and communication,” continued Cooper.  “They have already used 70-80% of all resources and budgets set aside for this type situation and we’re only part way through the yearly fire season.”

Cooper says that without as much public attention as other hard hit areas, they have not seen much outside help, yet.  They are in dire need of cash donations, firefighting equipment and trucks.  Cash donations can be made to any of the churches or to a Victims Relief Fund which has been setup at SpiritBank.  Donations can be made at any SpiritBank location.  Several area churches are coordinating efforts to collect and deliver items directly to the victims.